In order to have complete management and knowledge of new equipment and programming systems at the time they are released to the market, our technicians and programmers update their knowledge

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This service aims for two different markets. One, that of those customers who do not want or can not access a new machine, but want to keep some of the benefits, such as: "the warranty period"

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In our facilities, we have a space for the permanent exhibition of new and reconditioned machinery for: 1. The development of events, 2. Demonstrations and technical explanations 3.Support to the sales argument

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About Us

Since our foundation in 1991, more than  20 years ago, at  Asistex Latina SA we represent and market the entire line of industrial knitting machines, which complement each other in a professional and concrete way, giving the technological solutions that their production lines require. We have been representing the same brands of recognized trajectory and quality in the international textile market for years.

Throughout these years new opportunities and new challenges have been presented to us that we have accepted with the sole objective of expanding the range of services provided to our customers: we incorporate new representations.

We remain faithful to our commitment to provide in our services, products, and dealings with our customers, simply the best. Our technicians and programmers have achieved the highest qualifications in training and development abroad. We maintain a positive attitude towards constant renewal in line with the changes in the sector and its demands: we develop new services.

At  Asistex Latina SA  we are people who work for people. The commercial relationship with our clients does not end in the sale of a team. It is precisely where it begins.

This is how we understand our work and this is how we manage to be closer to your company or business, to achieve in a personalized way the precise solution, achieving the best performance in terms of services.

Count on our products, is to have the advice and assistance of the best.