In order to have complete management and knowledge of new equipment and programming systems at the time they are released to the market, our technicians and programmers update their knowledge

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This service aims for two different markets. One, that of those customers who do not want or can not access a new machine, but want to keep some of the benefits, such as: "the warranty period"

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In our facilities, we have a space for the permanent exhibition of new and reconditioned machinery for: 1. The development of events, 2. Demonstrations and technical explanations 3.Support to the sales argument

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Papel de Protección para Calandras

Do you want to protect your calender from the ink?
Do you want to perfectly protect your fabrics from yellowing?

This paper can guarantee the best results for your production. This paper is the most high-quality paper on the market for calendar sublimation protection. But check all its other properties:

Product reference: C1S-18 | Grammage: 18 g/m2

  • Very Low porosity: The ink doesn’t go through
  • Our paper is only 18gms: Rolls contain more meters; fewer changes, save time!
  • Resistant and adaptable: Resists high temperatures and gets adapted perfectly to the calendar guaranteeing NO crease.
  • We care about ecology and good results: It’s PH Neutral so it doesn’t yellow or bleaches the fabrics.