In order to have complete management and knowledge of new equipment and programming systems at the time they are released to the market, our technicians and programmers update their knowledge

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This service aims for two different markets. One, that of those customers who do not want or can not access a new machine, but want to keep some of the benefits, such as: "the warranty period"

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In our facilities, we have a space for the permanent exhibition of new and reconditioned machinery for: 1. The development of events, 2. Demonstrations and technical explanations 3.Support to the sales argument

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Films / membranas

Faiterm is a family of Thermo adhesive films, single or multi-layer, characterized by different chemical-physical formulations that allow ensuring a good seal between similar or different materials.
The Faiterm film coupling process uses a combination of pressure and temperature, respects the environment because it is free of volatile substances, solvents and fumes emanation.